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Install Travertine Tile in a Bathroom
Travertine tile gives any room an elegant and expensive look. Unfortunately, hiring someone to install the tile in your bathroom can really cost you a lot of money. But if you're up for the challenge, you can save quite a bit by doing the work yourself. Here's how you can install travertine tile in your own bathroom and get a great end result.

Instructions as follows:

Firstly, prepare the floor underneath for the travertine. You need a smooth, clean surface to adhere the tiles to. If the subfloor is new, you don't need to do much else to the surface. If you're applying the tiles after vinyl or other tile, you need to remove the existing floor coverings completely. Remove any adhesive residue with mineral spirits or chemical remover.
Secondly, measure the floor several times before ordering your tiles. Installing tiles in a bathroom can be tricky because you have to fit the pieces around a toilet and a tub or shower. Typically, travertine tile comes in large pieces, about 18 inches square, so be prepared to cut the pieces to get a proper fit. If you don't have a tile cutter, many home improvement places can cut the tiles for you for a charge.
Thirdly, decide on a pattern. If you plan to use different colors or different sized tiles, you need to come up with layout plan before installing it. This can be as simple as a checkerboard pattern or something more intricate.
Fourthly, apply a thick layer of grout to the subfloor, and lay the tile directly on top of the grout. Place a spacer on each side before laying the next piece of tile. Make the cuts where appropriate, checking the design along the way to make sure that it looks correct.

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