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Polish a Granite Slab
A granite slab is a very large and usually rectangular-shaped piece of rock that has already been sanded down. It is general practice to clean and polish a granite slab prior to fabrication so that the process can be performed as smoothly as possible. Polishing a granite slab to get it ready for fabrication is a simple process that only involves a few steps.
Instructions as follows:
Firstly, spray liquid-based stone cleaner on the granite slab. Apply the stone cleaner liberally until the whole slab has been coated.
Secondly, scrub the soap into the granite slab with a cloth, and then rinse the soap with warm water. If the granite slab is very large, you can rinse the soap off with a regular hose.
Thirdly, apply cream-based polish to the slab. You only need a moderate amount--about a quarter-sized drop per square foot.
Fourthly, rub the polish into the stone using a clean cloth. The cream should disappear, and the granite slab's surface should sport a smooth luster.
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